It is the mission of EMP Engineering Services to help our customers minimize costs associated with owning and operating capital equipment so as to maximize their bottom line.  EMP Engineering Services accomplishes this mission though the judicious application of condition monitoring and asset management to provide integrated Equipment Management Programs (EMP).

EMP Engineering Services can help with these issues.  Our condition monitoring services:


  1. Identify the typical failure modes of your equipment

  2. Recommend testing technologies most likely to identify those failures before they stop your machine

  3. Recommend a testing schedule that provides risk reduction without breaking the bank

  4. Perform testing the right way

  5. Provide written reports detailing what we've found and what we recommend that should be done.





At EMP Engineering Services we believe that the only way to know equipment is to see it, touch it, and test it.  All too often the test data only gives an indication but feet on the ground is required to really understand what is going on.  Because of this belief, our engineers perform complete turnkey jobs at your facility.  Whether we are setting up a program for eventual customer implementation or performing periodic tests for a long term client, you will see the same people time after time and year after year.  Just like with your doctor, this allows us to be familiar with you, your needs and your equipment.




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