It is the mission of EMP Engineering Services to help our customers minimize costs associated with owning and operating capital equipment so as to maximize their bottom line.  EMP Engineering Services accomplishes this mission though the judicious application of condition monitoring and asset management to provide integrated Equipment Management Programs (EMP).


For almost 20 years, EMP Engineering Services has provided services to clients in business segments from basic metals to component manufacturing to power generation and pharmaceuticals.  We provide complete Equipment Management Programs including condition monitoring services for rotating equipment and power delivery systems from line to load.  We also provide asset management services that work in conjunction with Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and reliability programs.  These programs help our customers to drive down life-cycle costs associated with the ownership and use of power utilization and delivery equipment.  



EMP Engineering Services was founded in 1997 by Douglas K. Smithman, PE.  Mr. Smithman holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Pittsburgh and a Masters in Engineering Management from The George Washington University.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania. New Jersey and Virginia.  During his 34 year career, he has authored numerous papers and delivered presentations in subjects concerning the use and maintenance of industrial equipment.


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