EMP Engineering Services understands how industrial equipment is made and how it should be maintained.  We will provide you with quality suggestions to improve your management of the equipment in your facility.


Key Benefits of EMP Asset Management

  • Expert, unbiased help.

  • Years of experience with specifying, quoting and obtaining repairs.

  • A proven track record for controlling your spare equipment and costs.


Asset management is an aspect of any facility that is critical but often overlooked.  From the utility ties to the the end process, all of the power lines, transformers, switchgear, breakers, motors, gearboxes, pumps, fans and couplings that are used are often taken for granted.  They were there when each new employee of the facility starts and they will be there long after they have left and as such they simply become a part of the environment.


Aside from the occasional disaster, degradation of those assets tends to happen at glacial speed.  Nobody notices the first leak in the roof.  Nobody pays much attention when the filter change misses a cycle because the mechanic was out on a whistle call.  And nobody is available to make sure that the repair to a spare part is being done the way it should be.

Yet the net effect of these problems is that if the people who worked in a facility when it opened ever walked through the door, they probably wouldn't recognize it.


Another force that is responsible for loss of asset reliability is the loss of skilled support staff and shops.  Years ago, apprenticeship programs produced skilled crafts that were capable of fixing and maintaining anything.  Unfortunately, the financial pressures of our modern economy have forced many employers to reduce staff and eliminate apprenticeships.  Many contractor facilities have cut back or closed their doors altogether.  This often leaves the management of a facility short-handed in getting assets repaired and maintained properly.


At EMP Engineering Services, we've heard many horror stories of times when equipment failed because it wasn't properly maintained or a spare was put into service only to find that it was in worse condition than the unit being replaced.


EMP Engineering Services has worked with many clients to assist them with the storage, maintenance and repair of equipment assets.  Our in-depth understanding of equipment needs allows us to help you design maintenance programs to ensure that grease is applied, oil changed and equipment is inspected as it needs to be so that it is ready to work when you need it.


We also know the repair process and have overseen equipment repairs ranging from a few hundred dollars to over $1 million.  We will develop repair specifications based on industry standards and OEM suggestions, qualify potential repair shops, solicit repair quotations and summarize those quotes to provide you with the most cost effective repair possible for your equipment.


We will then monitor the repair activity to ensure that you equipment is being repaired the right way.  This includes unannounced visits and audits of repair shops to make sure that they are actually working the 'full-overtime rush' job that you're paying for.

EMP Engineering Services will review the repair before it is returned to verify that the repairs are done correctly and that you won't have any surprises when you receive or try to use your equipment. 


How do you determine how many spare motors you need?  If the number is too high then you are wasting valuable but scarce budget dollars buying motors that will never be used.  If the number is too low then you'll be looking for a job after the crisis hits.

Another problem is making sure that the spare works in the application.  How many times have you found that the leads are on the wrong side, or that the shaft is too long, or that the motor is the wrong speed?


EMP Engineering Services has been providing facilities with recommendations for spare quantities based on failure rates in your facility for years.  We will determine how many motors you have, how they are used and how often that actually fail.  Then we will use that information to provide you with a realistic number of spares to maintain.


Another important aspect of asset management is communication.  EMP Engineering Services will provide you with a concise status report of our activities on a regular basis so that you know exactly where things stand with your asset management. 


We can also provide you with a reliability evaluation of your assets using vibration data megger tests and walk through inspections to assist you in deciding which of your assets require those hard-to-come-by dollars at outage time.


Most importantly, EMP Engineering Services is independently owned and operated.  We work for YOU.  Because of that, our recommendations are always what is best for our customer, not what might bring additional repairs through our door or allow us to sell a motor.

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