EMP Engineering Services offers a wide range of vibration services to clients in industrial, military andcommercial areas.  Our vibration services are overseen by a licensed professional engineer with 27 years of experience.


Key Benefits of Vibration Services

1. Detect equipment faults by identifying characteristic signatures and trends for those faults.

2. Cost reduction through the early detection of problems such as bearing faults and worn couplings.

3. Improved efficiency through diagnosis of installation problems such as soft-foot and misalignment.

4. Reduced downtime through increased equipment reliability and availability.


EMP Vibration Testing Capabilities

EMP Engineering Services vibration testing offerings employ state-of-the-art equipment and a knowledge base that is the product of vibration work ranging from certification and research work in submarines of the US Navy to condition monitoring in steel mills to troubleshooting in mines. 


Each moving part in a machine creates some vibration.  A roller in a bearing will slide a bit and has some imbalance, an air gap is never exactly perfect, etc.  The sum total of these vibrations can be processed to create a spectrum, a type of 'signature' of the machines vibration.  If a rotating shaft isn't balanced this will affect one part of the spectrum.  If a bearing race is beginning to wear, it will affect another part of the spectrum.  A good analyst knows how to interpret these spectra to assess the health of the machine.  In some cases, the problem can be seen immediately but in other cases, the problem is only seen by comparing the most recent spectrum to early ones.  By comparing, or trending, these spectra and other vibration parameters, problems are usually identified well in advance of when the reach a state of total failure like the fan bearing shown here (the log sheets showed that it was inspected at the beginning of each start-up!).


EMP offers both periodic vibration monitoring services and detailed vibration analysis to solve whatever problems you may have.  Some of our key offerings are:


Periodic Vibration Monitoring


Periodic vibration testing is the best tool for monitoring the health of mechanical components such as bearings, gears and couplings and provides a valuable cross-check for many electrical problems.  Data is collected on a regular basis, usually either monthly or quarterly, and analyzed.  The analysis includes comparison against predicted problems for that particular equipment as well as comparison to historic data to check for abnormalities.  Faults such as bad bearings are identified and tracked to permit customers to plan the optimal time to remove equipment from service for repair.  Avoidance of unscheduled downtime and unnecessary overtime repairs provide a significant cost savings.


EMP uses a CSI 2130 2-channel analyzer with AMS Machinery Manager software to collect and analyze vibration data on a periodic basis from selected equipment.  This state-of-the-art equipment allows us to quickly and accurately assess the condition of your equipment.  We then provide reports documenting any problems found and updating any previously identified problems.  These problems are color-coded to indicate the severity of the fault.  Depending upon the customers wishes, reports can be printed or delivered via the internet in a pdf format or both.


EMP also believes that the accuracy of our diagnostics is only as good as the our knowledge of your equipment.  Therefore, we will create a machinery configuration for each item that we test.  This configuration shows major components and how they relate to one another.  It also shows potential forcing frequencies so that we know exactly what we're looking for when we evaluate your equipment.


Vibration-Based Troubleshooting and Analysis

In situations where in-depth analysis is required or equipment isn't a part of a periodic vibration monitoring program, EMP can perform vibration analysis using an OROS OR-25 Digital Signal Analyzer.  This multi-channel analyzer vibration analyzer is for more advanced problems such as resonant frequency identification, modal analysis, transfer functions and time-based measurements such as coast-downs.  This multi-channel instrument has helped us to solve problems including:

        1. Mill Chatter

        2. Structural Resonances in Furnaces

        3. New Equipment Vibration Isolation


DC and Variable Speed Vibration

One place where EMP Engineering Services stands above our competitors is in vibration work with variable speed equipment such as that found in steel mills, mines and pulp and paper plants.  Due to the changing speeds and loads the equipment is subjected to, this type of measurement and analysis is much more involved than a single or dual speed machine.  EMP has extensive experience in these areas and provides services above and beyond that offered by our competition.

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